• One 16″ Skid Loader Mill
  • One 4′ Milling Machine
  • One 7′ Milling Machine
  • Three 8′ Milling Machines
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R&E Enterprise out Milling up a highway


We have one 4’, one 7’, three 8′ and one 16″ skid loader mill giving us great flexibility in milling any size job from driveways to parking lots to highways. We are capable of edge or profile milling to match up with curbing and full width milling to reestablish grade and level for overlays. Our units can also cut deep to remove entire surfaces for reconstruction. In addition to milling, we are capable of removing and stacking the reclaimed materials away from the job site with our fleet of apron trucks, belly dump trucks and other construction equipment. Some jobs that we have worked on include: Interstate Highway, US Highway, MN State Highway, County Roads, City overlays and reconstruction, parking lots and airports.